5 Websites Parents Will Let Their Kids See

Last week we shared 5 websites that were frowned upon by parents in 2016 via KoalaSafe. We were surprised to see agar.io on the list, but now we know why parents choose to block this highly addictive game:

We also gathered information on top 5 websites parents allowed their kids to frequent in 2016. Don't get caught up in #4!

Pinterest.com - one of the most popular social media channels, requiring user to be 13 and older, yet this picture pinboard concept has proven its trust with parents.

Musical.ly - Another social network that allows you to create music videos and share them with friends. It seems like it attracts younger customers than Spotify.

BuzzFeed.com - Celebrity related news bits, GIFs, celebrity gossip and politics explained in memes - that’s how young generation is consuming news and parents seem to be okay with it.

Twitch.tv - Watch people play games or broadcast yourself playing games. Twitch can be a highly addictive place where kids can spend hours and the commentary is unfiltered. 

Pokemon.com - Gotta catch 'em all.