7 social media safety tips that help parents monitor their kid’s online activities

Social media safety is now an essential part of our education, for both parents and children alike. The problem is that our kids have taken to social media like a duck to water and they spend an enormous amount of time engaging with their friends online.

So here are 7 tips which will help you to increase your children’s safety across their social media networks.

  1. Only have a family computer: One of the easiest ways to keep track of what your children are up to online is to have a centrally located computer. So instead of your children having their own personal computers in their bedrooms, just have one family computer where you can easily monitor their social media safety.

  2. Educate your children on ignoring popups : Many of these popups ask for personal information and kids can be duped into filling in surveys or free offers very easily. Competitions to win free iPhones or iPads are very common, so make sure your children avoid all popups on the computer.

  3. * Keep an eye on what photos your child posts online* : This is one of the most pervasive problems online and is a huge problem with social media safety. Kids post photos of themselves all the time, especially ‘selfies’, but they are not aware that once photos are online, they can be assessed by anyone.

  4. Too young for Facebook? The minimum age limit for a Facebook account is 13 years of age, but kids can easily get around this and lie about their age. We all know the problems with Facebook, so if your child is too young, make sure they don’t have a Facebook account.

  5. Already on Facebook ? If your child is old enough for an account, it is a good idea to become Facebook friends so you can monitor their activities at any time. You need to know who their friends are online and make sure that they are not chatting to anyone inappropriate.

  6. Cyber bullying : Having an open discussion with your children about social media safety will hopefully help them to talk about any online bullying problems they might have seen or even be experiencing themselves. Once you know about it, you can put a stop to it – but only if you know it is happening.

  7. Block internet sites : With KoalaSafe, you can easily block internet sites by category or by name. So you can limit your children’s access to any site that you believe is harmful or inappropriate. This massively increases your children’s social media safety and gives you instant peace of mind.

For more information on KoalaSafe, email us at hello@koalasafe.com and ask us how KoalaSafe can help increase your children’s online social media safety.