Distracted Parenting; Are we overlooking our kids by staring at our phones?

Last week The New York Times published a piece about parents occupying themselves with their phones rather than their children at the playground, Little League games or during dinner. The author, who is also a pediatrician, writes about how crucial the interaction is between parents and their kids, yet she acknowledges how tedious parenting can be and agrees that technology can be used as a tool for stress relief and a getaway to the adult life.

Technology is indeed a new kind of distraction, but if we go way back to BC (Before Computer) era, people seemed to always find a source of distraction.

"And for that matter, may I call as my witness Abraham Lincoln, who is reported to have walked up and down the street in Springfield, Ill., in the mid-1800s, pulling his young sons in a wagon while reading a book (and as the story goes, he went right on reading when a child fell out of the wagon)."

Even the author herself points out that when she was raising her kids there were no phones or emails, yet she rarely sat down to have breakfast with her children and when they did she was consumed by the newspaper.

So, next time you find yourself feeling guilty about checking your email while your child is showing off their cartwheel skills on a playground, just remember that even Abraham Lincoln, who has enough attention span to rule the country, didn't have enough for his kids.