How many marshmallows will your child take?

Do your children impatiently wait for the internet to come back on? What if you told them they could earn an extra hour of internet if they waited for 30 more minutes?

That's what Walter Mischel did 50 years ago, with marshmallows. The psychologist conducted an interesting study suggesting that how patient a child is will determine their future success. He offered kids two choices, they can have one marshmallow now or two marshmallows if they waited for 15 minutes. It turned out that kids who had more self control did better in school and careers than those who caved into temptation. You can listen to the whole story on Radiolab.


What do you think? Will your child give up 30 minutes for an hour of internet?
Or rather, would they pick two over one marshmallows? 

The KoalaSafe Team