Introducing Homework Mode

How many times were you distracted from doing your job today? Checked the Facebook timeline to find your friend’s vacation pictures which led you to Travelzoo's weekend deals and resulted in scrolling through Apartment Therapy for new kitchen inspiration.

Likewise, children are easily caught up in endless web searches when it’s time for homework. This is why we released Homework Mode, allowing you to set a separate schedule and filters for homework hours. Let's say, if homework time in your house is from 6 PM - 8 PM on weeknights, you can disable access to social media, YouTube and game apps to help your child focus on the task at hand. 

Here's what our customers who started using the new feature are saying:


Sounds like something you can use? Log in to your KoalaSafe app, go to Settings, select New Features and enable Homework Mode. Now when you go to Schedule you will see hour blocks -- go ahead and paint them pink for primary internet usage and green for homework time. To choose which websites you want to allow and which to block, simply go to Filters and click on Homework. 

We hope that less reasons for distraction will bring more productivity to your house. Because nobody wants to be a sloth.