Keeping kids safe online – internet child protection

For parents, keeping our kids safe is a main priority in our lives, but computers have thrown us a curve ball which we have trouble understanding. We all recognise that internet child protection is one of those buzz words that is banded around, but which sometimes doesn’t have a lot of definition.

In other words, we know that we need to protect our children online, but we are not sure how to do that without coming across as heavy handed. After all, our kids need to use the computer for their homework and playing games now and again, isn’t all that bad.

The basics of internet child protection for your kids

One of the main factors in keeping kids safe when they are online is knowing how they can get themselves in trouble in the first place. So here are 3 ways that your kids can inadvertently put themselves in harm’s way when they are online.

Giving out their personal information

Today, kids use so many different social media sites that it makes your head spin just to think about all of them. The problem is that with no restrictions on the types of sites they use, keeping kids safe is very difficult, because they can be easily persuaded to disclose their personal information online.

This can be their phone number or address, their age and school, as well as the names and personal details of their friends.

Chatting online with people they don’t know

Social media is all about communicating and chatting with a wide range of people. If our kids are talking to their friends online, then that’s fine, but internet child protection is concerned with online predators.

The problem is that the internet fosters anonymity, so predators can pretend to be schoolchildren and engage your kids in online conversations. The same thing can happen when they are playing group games online, because they can chat with one another, as they are playing the game.

Clicking on links and ads on their current website

Some website creators and many viruses, intentionally lay ‘cookie trails’ encouraging your kids to keep clicking on seemingly innocent links until they end up somewhere that is not so innocent. Keeping kids safe on YouTube is also a concern, because whilst your child might be watching innocent videos, the suggested videos in the right sidebar of the YouTube page, can be anything but innocent.

As you can see, in the vast majority of cases, our kid simply stumble across inappropriate content while they are online. So what can you do to fix this insidious problem?

Well, KoalaSafe solves all of these problems by purchasing daily, updated commercial blacklists and by forcing YouTube SafeSearch, where possible, to remove adult content.

For more information on KoalaSafe, email us at and let’s make sure that internet child protection is a priority in your home.