Kids health: the potential effects of too much screen time

Screen time is a very topical issue, because kids and their computers are just about inseparable today. The problem is that when you add iPhones and iPads into the mix, you have a deadly cocktail that can seriously undermine the health of our children.

So here are a few health concerns of prolonged internet usage, which you might not have considered could affect your children.

Too much screen time can lead to obesity

It is easy to see that spending long hours sitting still playing games on the computer, watching videos on YouTube or texting friends can all lead to an inactive lifestyle. Our children no longer seem to go outside and play anymore, but spend long hours playing games online, either on their own or with friends.

This not only leads to a lack of physical exercise, but also to a tendency to graze on unhealthy snacks while they are preoccupied on the computer. Staying inside and not racing off with their friends to play outside means that they don’t burn off the calories and can end up gaining weight or even becoming obese.

We all know the potential problems of obesity, especially in children. So reducing the amount of time your children spend online with realistic screen time limits will encourage your children to be more active, stop eating junk food and burn off those calories.

Excessive screen time can lead to attention problems, anxiety and depression

Children need to interact with their peers and with adults so that they can develop their own set of interpersonal skills and grow into productive, socialised people. The problem is that too much screen time can be very isolating for children, leading to a lack in social skills later in life.

Children who spend long hours on the computer at home, can also have difficulty paying attention in class, resulting in anxiety and depression. As they become more dependent on the computer, they interact less with their family and friends and become even more isolated.

Enforcing screen time limits on your children will not only help you to prevent any negative health effects on your children, but will also increase the amount of quality time you spend together.

It is not always easy to set limits in place, which is why KoalaSafe is so popular with parents. Our software takes all the worry and stress away from limiting your kid’s screen time and gives you the opportunity to spend more quality time with your children.

For more information on how KoalaSafe can help you set realistic screen time limits on your children’s internet access, email us and ask us how KoalaSafe can work for your family.