Knock knock, we'd like to visit your house

What does a day in your home look like with KoalaSafe?

We hear things like: "I have leverage over my kids! If they want extra time, they do a chore! I have a set schedule every day. There is no more fighting over the internet" and "I'm dealing with a teen who found work around for every safeguard I've tried to put in place and finally I've outsmarted him with Koala's handy little device. It's so nice to see him wake up refreshed because he wasn't up half the night online."

And speaking of teenagers, vid or it never happened.

Send us a one minute video showing how KoalaSafe has changed your relationship with your child. We will feature the winner on our new website and send you a gift (disclosure: it may involve a koala).

We too went ahead and created a video about a family's struggle with internet obsession. Click the image below to watch.

Just e-mail with an attachment or a link to YouTube -- the winner will be chosen on October 25th!