Life is good when your customers love you

One of the cool things about building a company about something you're passionate about, is that you sometimes get the passion reflected back by your customers.

We saw sisters, friends and brothers constantly fighting with their kids over screen time. It was a whole class of problem that didn't need to exist, the tools just weren't there yet. The technology for kids had outstripped technology for parents. We saw it first hand and we knew their must be millions of other families experiencing the same thing.

Turns out we were right...

Koala is such a blessing!!

5 out of 5 stars
By D. Clement on May 11, 2016

Why Koala? It is easy to regulate screen time for kids on a Kindle device, but very hard to do on an iPad. Our 6 & 8 year old girls use the devices for math and reading assignments for school but routinely go over their school time doing other activities. When we would take the iPad away before Koala, tears, pouting, etc. We even found our typically well behaved 8 year old sneaking the iPad under her blanket at night.

Now with Koala, I just schedule use times (off at 5pm in our house) or press the button for "Turn Internet Off" and it's off. Magical! No more tears or arguing. They are now aware of the designated iPad times and we don't need to hide the devices, it has instilled more responsibility in the girls and I love the safety features. When the internet turns off, they put the devices away and done. Over. Easy. The grownups can still use the internet but the children cannot. All parents needs Koala, it gives peace of mind and easy to set up and operate! If you have any hesitations, just get it, you will not be disappointed.

Absolutely wonderful device for parents!

5.0 out of 5
By Amazon Customer on May 10, 2016

I'm so glad I found KoalaSafe It is hard to be single dad, but now our relationship improve greatly, my son's grades going up and it's more peace in the house, since he needs permission to use Internet for video games, etc. I usually give permission if he ate first, done homework and finish his exercises. Thank you for KoalaSafe to help me with parenting!

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