Teen rage

The majority of our customers start to recognise the signs that their kids are starting to get obsessed with their devices, do some research and then implement a Family Internet Schedule with KoalaSafe. However, there are some families who come to us when the problem is already severe and so trying to restore balance is emotionally very challenging for both parent and child.

Some stories we've heard (or experienced!) include:

Cutting the cable

Some kids, outraged that their access has been limited, cut the cable. Ironically, this means they lose their ALL their Internet access until their parents get a new cable, so probably serves as an effective object lesson!

Smashed Units

Our plastic case is fairly tough, but doesn't stand up to all forms of teenage rage. Again, smashing the device doesn't really help since one KoalaSafe is setup, that's the kids only route to the Internet, but when emotions are running high, it's not always a logical thought process.

Social Media Rage

We get angry tweets, Facebook posts and even accusations of interfering with burgeoning online gaming careers!

It's a good reminder that even though kids getting a bit obsessed with games or YouTube can start out as fairly benign, if left unchecked, it can become a real problem. Help is at hand, however. Set up a good, healthy balance of screen time and play time with the KoalaSafe Internet Schedule feature before things get messy.