Top Five Parenting Podcasts

Our last email was dedicated to the less explored means of keeping children educated and entertained, while eliminating screen time. If you missed it, you can read about our kid friendly podcast picks here.

This time we have recommendations for parents who like to stay on top of serious and not-so-serious family topics.

Top 5 Parenting Podcasts

Let's Talk Kids - This NPR produced podcast honors the expertise parents have about their own children and explores issues that are universal for families. From toilet training and sibling rivalry to establishing family values.

Mom and Dad Are Fighting - Allison Benedikt and Dan Kois, editors at Slate, tackle serious parenting news, usually with different take on how each of these major issues affect us all on a day-to-day basis. Episodes cover hot button topics like paternity leave, maternal mental illness, and vaccinations.

The Longest Shortest Time - Produced by WNYC, this podcast occasionally reels in nationally known guests like sex columnist Dan Savage. The regular programming ranges from practical topics like parental anxiety and book recommendations to wild first-person parenting stories.

The Modern Dads Podcast - The self proclaimed modern dads discuss issues that today’s fathers face navigating work, parenthood, relationships and play. They share stories of dads who are active and engaged in the decisions, the drudgery, and the pains and the joys of parenthood.

TEDTalks Kids and Family - A collection of family friendly TED Talks with topics varying from The Mysterious Workings of the Adolescent Brain to My Daughter, Malala.