Want your kids to excel in class? Delay their enrollment.

Does you child show potential to start school early or even skip a grade? Well, a new study does not recommend to hurry the process. 

According to the National Bureau of Economic Affairs, children who start school at an older age do better than their younger classmates and are more likely to attend college. And the age difference can be as little as one month! 


"The study focused on differences between children born just before and after the September 1 cutoff date for starting kindergarten. That means the youngest children in any class were born in August and the oldest in September of the previous year. Figlio and his co-authors found that, on average, demographically similar September-born children performed better than their younger August-born classmates, all through their academic careers." - NPR

Researchers also found that children from different socioeconomic levels were equally affected by the age difference.