What Are Your Kids Saying? Slang and Acronyms To Know

Ever received a misspelled text message from your child? Chances are those 3 random letters are hiding a meaning of a very important sentence!

CarefulParents.com compiled some of the popular acronyms and slang terms that kids are using in their texts and social media captions so you can stay on top of it and maybe even chime in.

Ratchet- Some claim it began as a mispronunciation of the word “wretched.” Either way, it is used to describe someone’s looks or behavior that is deemed as less than satisfactory.

DGAF- Acronym for “Don’t Give a F*ck.” Can be used as such in a sentence, or to express a general state of mind of being apathetic.

I can’t even- To express an unspeakable level of disbelief. Could be used in place of “I’m speechless,” or to express revulsion to a specific person or event.

MCM/WCW- stands for “Man Crush Monday” and “Woman Crush Wednesday,” a way to honor your significant other or crush on Instagram. Can also be used in a platonic manner for a friend, or someone you think is inspirational.

ByeFelicia- Originally featured in the 1995 film Friday. The phrase has picked up a new life via the millennials. “Bye, Felicia!” is used to dismiss anyone who is bothering and/or annoying you, or to someone you DGAF is leaving.

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