What kind of parent are you?

Diana Baumrind identified 3 kinds of parenting styles in the 1960s; the permissive, authoritarian, and authoritative parent.

Fifty years later, these characteristics are still relatable, and aside from being referenced in psychology books they are widely used in pop culture, but with updated names.

Which parenting style do you identify with?

Helicopter parent - The name is self descriptive; you hover over your children. Hours of long after-school activities, location-monitoring of children's cell phones and calling college students' professors have been attributed to the rise of helicopter parenting.

Tiger parent - Mostly known as the "Tiger mom," this fierce parent emphasizes strict discipline, intense study and outstanding academic achievement.

Free Range parent - This parenting style is the antithesis to helicopter parenting, emphasizing children's independence and learning through unscheduled play and exploration. Parents of this philosophy send their kids outside to play unsupervised.