When it comes to screen time, what do the celebs do?

With all of the techno gizmos in our homes, it is near impossible to limit screen time for our kid’s – so should we even bother? Well, it’s a hard decision to make, because our kids need the internet for their school work and to learn more about the world. Parental control and internet child protection however, is a responsibility that we can’t take lightly.

I mean, they can learn more about our society, our culture and just about everything we want them to learn in such a short time on the internet. It has truly revolutionised the way everybody learns and communicates with one another. To be honest, I wouldn’t want to live without the internet, so how can we expect our children to be happy if we enforce screen time limits?

Even more important, our kids are growing up in the internet world and they need to be able to interact with and use all of the latest gadgets, because this is their world!

What do the celebs do?

What about Hugh?

You might not care about celebrities and the way they live their lives, but they are parents as well and it is interesting to see how they handle screen time limits. After all, celebrities really do live in a world of social media, so it should seem normal to them and quite acceptable – wouldn’t you think?

Well not necessarily, because some celebrities take parental control very seriously and internet child protection is a priority in their households.

For example, Kate Winslet has just recently said that she has banned social media in her home. She states that she wants to protect her children from negative social media which can lead to issues with self-esteem. Kate has even gone so far as to limit screen time on the internet as well, and fully believes in parental control.

What about Hugh Jackman? Well, he doesn’t allow his kids any internet or TV time during the week at all, only on weekends.

Jennifer Lopez has even stricter parental controls, allowing her twins to only use the internet or play video games on a Sunday.

Angelina Jolie went about as far as a parent can go, because she hired a cyber team to monitor her kid’s online activity. She stated that as she isn’t tech-savvy herself, she didn’t know how to understand what her kids were up to online, so a cyber security team was hired!

Whilst none of us might go as far as Angelina Jolie, internet child protection is a real-world problem. This means that reasonable parental control and screen time limits should be on every household agenda.

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