Why Are Kids Addicted To The Internet

Children's addiction to their gadgets has been a big problem. It's a source of tension in families, a topic of research for psychologists and even the America Academy of Pediatrics got involved.

What if we look at the root of this so called problem and try to understand why kids are so obsessed with the internet?

Devorah Heitner, the founder of Raising Digital Natives and author of Screenwise: Helping Kids Thrive (And Survive) In Their Digital World recently gave an interview about children's relationship with technology and how parents can deal with it.

Heitner is sympathetic to children's relationship with their digital world, theorizing that this is a big part of how they learn to deal with strangers and maintaining friendships. She argues that kids too can be stressed out about a text message or a response to their social media post, just as we are about an email from our boss. They are learning and responding to the world the same way we did when we were young, only their youth involves technology. She suggests adjusting parenting to involve conversations about your kid's interactions online and welcoming their knowledge and help with computers.

Understanding that our children are born into a digital savvy world is the first step to admitting that the problem is not in them, but in our acceptance of their reality as a digital native.

You can listen to Heiter's interview here

The KoalaSafe Team